Four Generations of Farming…

For four generations the Taylor family has been a vegetable farming family. The tradition began in 1914 with William John Taylor who bought a farm in Michelton in Brisbane. The operation was soon a success and more members of the family followed John into the business.

By 1968 they had outgrown their land and the family picked up and moved to Redland Bay. Today they are still there, but also have another farm in the Granite Belt region of Amiens, which they acquired in 1992 in order to extend their growing season. At the same time they established The Taylor Family Produce company and handed the reigns to the 4th generation of Taylors; Raymon, Geoffrey and Wayne.

“The Granite Belt in the southern highlands of Queensland is a high altitude location and benefits from warm summer days and cool summer nights. The granite sand in the area that makes up the soil is great for growing in, it has an excellent supply of natural minerals and gives our products beautiful textures, flavours and colour.” ‐ Raymon Taylor

Raymon, the current Managing Director of the Amiens property, knew he wanted to be a farmer since the age of ten, when he worked with his father on the Redland Bay farm. As the eldest son, he was entrusted with a lot of responsibility on the farm and learnt valuable lessons that stand him in his stead to this day.

“The best piece of advice I ever received was that with farming you get out what you put in.” ‐ Raymon Taylor

These days The Taylor Family Produce Company has been growing vegetables for Woolworths shelves since 2006. There are five main products: iceberg lettuce, wombok (Chinese cabbage), celery, broccoli and silverbeet, and thanks to the contrasting climates of the families’ two farms, they are all produced 12 months a year.

Raymon, Connie & Geoff Taylor

Raymon Taylor