Our Most valuable asset

 At Taylors farm we understand the vital importance in taking measures now in an attempt to protect the environment and its resources for future generations. We face major challenges such as climate change, water security and pest management. 
We use a multitude of best farming practice to ensure our farms are capable of producing the best produce imaginable while still maintaining a healthy natural environment.

Our Commitment to the Environment

  • IPM – Taylors Produce have done extensive works with the NSW Department of Primary Industries as well as the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.
  • We have completed a research study in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries – QLD.
  • Taylors Produce are currently in the process of having solar electricity installed on the property of Amiens.
  • We have systems in place to control our water usage and minimise the wastage and overwatering of our crops.
  • We have the facility to store and recycle effluent water that is treated at the Southern Downs regional council waste water plant.
  • We use modern and very efficient equipment so as to use less fuel and produce fewer gas emissions.
  • Ray Taylor is part of a partnership with Bayer for their crop science and soil health. He attends these events annually in different parts of Australia and around the world.
  • We use certified organic composed manure.
  • Compliment plant to help with the pest issues.
  • Crop rotates to help with the soil borne diseases.
  • We grow 50% of our own seedlings and the rest is sourced from reputable suppliers from South Eastern Australia
  • Taylors produce uses seeds from major companies around the world to trial and grow commercially new and upcoming varieties of vegetables.
  • We are extremely concerned with the spreading of invasive and introduced pests; We have in place systems to remove any invasive weed either mechanically or by hand. Taylors also have a certified pest removal program, where we have our pest controller come onto our property and humanly remove any introduced animals from the area.
  • Our soil is the main tool for growing our beautiful produce, so it is imperative to have the soil at its most productive and optimum health. Soil erosion is foremost in our farming practices. We are constantly maintaining our roads, drains and growing lands.
  • Ray Taylor is working closely with the Southern Downs Regional Council to promote investment in the local area.
  • Bill and Ray are also the face of Woolworths for Broccoli in Australia as one of the main producers in south east Qld. They’ve been seen extensively around Australian Woolworth supermarkets walls!
  • Ray has also recently appeared on Channel 7 “Better Homes and Gardens” in conjunction with the Southern Downs area showcasing production in the region.
  • Taylors Produce donates to the Food Bank in Brisbane and also to Food Relief in Far North Queensland.

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